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Open Building founded in 2015, is a “building production” company involved in the construction process.

Our main team’s professional experience in the construction process, the need for a concept of the future, and the desire for an innovative approach have been the basis of our research.

Our Idea


We have discovered that often the management of a project does not coincide with the management of the production of the project.

The goals of both components contribute to optimizing the construction process, but they are not coincident.

Simply put, the person in charge of the creative project is driven to create a “great” product, while the person in charge of the project’s production is also responsible for enhancing its every professional aspect, using programming tools and process innovation.

The client generates the idea and begins development of the creative process for the project.

We develop the client’s idea further, using innovative methods and tools to then optimize production of the necessary materials.

We have the right people with the right skills. Our solid technical base, multidisciplinary approach, and new model for working in synthesis guarantee the quality of our projects.

Our Services

Open Building handles project production and management in a highly qualified, innovative and interdisciplinary manner, offering its services to engineering and architectural firms.

Open Building supports production companies in the development of detailed project definitions, and also offers consultancy in the definition of innovative processes.

Open Building’s services cover every area of construction, including architecture, structures, M.E.P. systems, and specialized production systems for manufacturing.

Our Works


Television Centre London | Bathroom Pod

Location: London, UK
Year: 2015 – now
Services: detail and construction design, BIM design
Client: Contec Ingegneria


Great Mosque of Algiers | The dome

Location: Alger, Algeria
Year: 2016 – now
Services: production drawing – BIM modeling of Riverclack® standing sean metal roof system
Client: Contec Ingegneria


Offshore Cape Three Points

Location: Ghana
Year: 2015
Services: developement of concept design, scheme design BIM based
Client: Contec Ingegneria


New Warehouse

Location: San Pellegrino Terme, Zogno, Bergamo
Year: 2015 – 2016
Services: developement of drawings for planning permission and detail design.
Client: Contec Ingegneria

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